An Unexpected Turn of the Event

Topics: Kuala Lumpur, Utusan Malaysia, Sound Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: August 26, 2013
It started off just like any other afternoon after school. I had my lunch and was watching TV before starting on my homework. I normally started on my homework at 3pm and took my tea break at 4.30 in the evening. That day, as I was watching TV, I heard the sound of breaking glass. It sounded as if it came from a neighbour’s house across the road.

I listened attentively. Then, I heard the sound of utensils falling down. Then, my immediate neighbour’s dog started barking. I sensed that something was wrong. I opened the front door and looked out at Mr Wee’s house. I thought I saw a movement in the bedroom through the window.

I knew that no one would be home and so I called out to the maid. ``kakak, kakak…. But there was no sound. By then, the other two neighbours had joined me. When we heard the maid screaming, my neighbour, Siva jumped over the gate and banged on the front door.

Before I knew it, two men with masks rushed out of the house with a bag and were trying to jump over the wall. I made a tackle and brought the man down. He dropped the bag on me and ran away.
My head ached awfully and we opened the bag. Inside was a laptop and a digital camera. The maid phoned Mr Wee and he arrived shortly. I went with Siva and Mr Wee to the policestation to make a report.

By the time the drama ended, it was already 6.30 and it was time for my Add Maths and Physics tuition till 9.30 pm. When I got back from tuition, I had to relate the whole drama to my brother and sister.

It was only when I was getting ready for school the next day that I realised that I had not done my Maths homework. Puan Jessie was a real tyrant. When she walked into the class I dared not look at her. She stared at me and said, ``Muzafar, come here!’’

Expecting the worst, I dragged my feet to the front of the class. Then she said, ``Listen, class. Muzafar here is a hero. He took the initiative to stop a thief from Portal Pendidikan Utusan 2006 © Hak Cipta...
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