An Understanding Towards the Interaction Between Communications, Knowledge and Information

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Task 1

My online store will be based on a small solar lamp company called “ARONA” that started four years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their vision is to see the people of the rural parts of Indonesia to think green and use solar lamps instead of kerosene lamps that causes hundreds of accidents every month. The mission is to replace at least half (roughly 16 million units) of these kerosene lamps in Indonesia with environment-friendly solar lamps. The solar lamps range from reading lights to streetlights. Therefor, the content of the online shop would be: Company Profile & Background, Product &Price, Service (installing the Garden or Street lights), Events (social & environment achievements), Payment & Shipping, Contact Us (feedback).

1. Range of decisions need to be taken to create this online store (1.1): 1. Allow international shipping or strictly domestic shipping? 2. Would the price be included shipping charges or not?

3. Allow credit cards or strictly debit?
4. Would the website layout have a creative or business layout? 5. What colors to use for the website
6. Choosing a memorable and catchy admin and choosing the right hosting company for the website. 7. Which social media tools to use on promoting/expanding the website 8. To have a monthly event/quiz

9. Have a sale/promo on Lamps or maintain price?

2. Analyze information on making the decision (1.2):
1. Taking a company online opens up a range of opportunities, one being shipping internationally. However, because it’s a small company and only experienced in domestic shipping we will start the online store with domestic shipping and in time we will start the process of credit transactions in order to ship internationally. 2. This depends on two types of buying. One, is by bulk, meaning a customer would have to buy 3,000 units or a cart which holds 11,200 units and in that case the shipping fee would be free of charge. Second, is when a customer buys per unit then they will be charged with shipping fees. 3. For now we will remain with debit because of the reason stated earlier. When the company decides to move forward with international shipping then credit transactions will be set up. 4. Because the company has a big passion for environmental issues, the website should have an earthly, environment-like layout and still hold the business-website structure. 5. The website should have bold warm colors such as dark green or dark blue. Technically, using green is the best color to use in a business because green has the most positives than negatives compared to other colors. Green is an ideal color to promote natural, safe, organic products. It is also beneficial in the promotion of environment friendly products. (

1. Positive Signification:
* Growth and vitality, renewal and restoration
* Self-reliance, reliability and dependability
* Being tactful, emotionally balanced and calm
* Nature lover and family oriented
* Practical and down to earth
* Sympathetic, compassionate and nurturing
* Generous, kind and loyal with a high moral sense
* Adaptable and flexible
* Encourages 'social joining' of clubs and other groups, a need to belong 2. Negative Signification:
* Possessive and materialistic
* Indifferent and over-cautious
* Envious, selfish, greedy and miserly
* Devious with money
* Inconsiderate, a hypochondriac and a do-gooder

6. Most company domain name is the company’s name because its building a brand name when using the company’s name on a web address. Therefor this website will be Choosing the right hosting company to base the website on is a crucial decision because they need to be providing the right amount of disk space and bandwidth to control and maintain the website. Or do...
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