An Overview of the Victorian Literary Period, Charlotte Brontë as One of the Main Writers and Her Most Important Book, Jane Eyre

Topics: Victorian era, Victorian literature, Jane Eyre Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: March 11, 2013
An overview of the Victorian literary period, Charlotte Brontë as one of the main writers and her most important book, Jane Eyre

Victorian characteristics in British literature
The most accepted general period in which Victorian Literature prevailed has its beginning in the early 1830 and its end around the 1900s. Anyhow, it is related to Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1837 to 1901 – from when she was only eighteen until her death. The reason why it’s so important, marked as an Era, is because of a large importance of changes – in economic, politic and artistic scope. With her power, Britain became the most powerful country in the world, ruling twenty five percent of the entire world’s population. As the number of factories and machines grew up exponentially, people’s life and landscapes around Britain changed. However, the same high-development didn’t match with space for everybody – and with space are included food and employment conditions – and a critical status of child labor. Personally, Queen Victoria had a very conservative view about the role of women and wives. For example, women were not allowed to swim and they had to wear special clothes to ride bicycles. The influence of architecture was also based a lot on traditionalisms: the Parlor room (or living room) was the greatest part on a house, which was thought specially to receive guests, and they could expose their ornaments and also interests. In terms of literature, it is said as a period in which both traditionalisms were kept (romantics’ reminiscences) and innovations are so importantly proposed that they are the first impulse given to Modern Literature existence. First, the so called “Pre-Raphaelites” (e.g. writer William Moris) made eulogies to medieval values and idealized them, but at the end the “Skeptics” (e.g. poet Walter Pater) gave the end of the Victorian Era an intellectual view of things. This phenomenon is justified by the progression of the period – the closer to the end of...
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