An Overview Of OD Interventions

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An Overview of OD Interventions

• OD interventions are sets of structured
activities in which selected org’nal units
(target groups or individuals) engage in a task
or a sequence of tasks with the goals of
org’nal improvement and individual
• Intervention constitute the action thrust of

• The OD practitioner, a professional versed in the
theory and practice of OD, brings four sets of
attributes to the org’nal setting:
– a set of values
– a set of assumptions about people, org. and interpersonal relationships – a set of goals for the practitioner and the org. and its members
– a set of structured activities that are the means for
achieving the values, assumptions and goals.

• Interventions such as team building, survey
feedback, role analysis and intergroup conflict
resolution were developed during the early years of
• Interventions such as QWL, work redesign using STS
theory, collateral organization and strategic planning
methods were developed as the field evolved.
• Then, self directed teams, high performance work
systems, self designing org. and large system change

• OD is much more than just reaching into the kit bag
and executing an intervention.
• OD is a complete strategy for change that
encompasses theory, practice methods, and values.
• Interventions are just one component of OD
• In this and next several chapters we discuss OD
interventions and describe the most important

Classifying OD interventions
• The inventory of OD interventions is quite
• Several classification schemes will help you
understand how interventions clump together
in terms of (1) objectives of the interventions
and (2) the targets of the interventions.

Major families of OD interventions

Diagnostic activities
Team building activities
Intergroup activities
Survey feedback activities
Education and training activities
Technostructural or structural activities
Process consultation activities

Major families of OD interventions

Grid OD activities
Third party peacemaking activities
Coaching and counseling activities
Life and career planning activities
Planning and goal setting activities
Strategic management activities
Org’nal transformation activities

Target Group

Interventions designed to improve effectiveness


Life and career planning activities
Coaching and counseling
T-group (sensitivity training)
Education and training
Grid OD phase 1
Work redesign
Gestalt OD
Behavior modeling


Process consultation
Third party peacemaking
Role negotiation technique
Gestalt OD

Teams and Groups

Team building
Gestalt OD
Grid OD phase 2
Interdependency exercise
Appreciative inquiry
Responsibility charting
Process consultation

Target Group

Interventions designed to improve effectiveness

Teams and Groups (Contd…)

Role negotiation
Role analysis technique
“Startup” team building activities
Education in processes
Team MBO
Force-field analysis
Self managed teams

Intergroup relations

Intergroup activities
Org’nal mirroring
Process consultation
Third party peacemaking at group level
Grid OD phase 3
Survey feedback

Target Group

Interventions designed to improve effectiveness

Total organization

Parallel learning structures
Cultural analysis
Confrontation meetings
Strategic management activities
Real time strategic change
Grid OD phases 4,5,6
Interdependency exercise
Survey feedback
Appreciative inquiry
Search conferences
Physical settings
Large scale systems change

Thinking about OD interventions
• First, behind every program is an overall game
plan or intervention strategy.
• This plan integrates the problem or opportunity
to be addressed, the desired outcomes of the...
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