An Overview of National Transportation Safety Board

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NTSB Party Process
Powell, Andrew
Safety 409
Module 2 Assignment

NTSB Party Process
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is responsible for investigating over 2,500 accidents and incidents every year, Over 2,000 of which are aviation related accidents. The NTSB only employs about 400 people total, so the need for outside personnel and resources is very apparent. In order to be able to keep pace and accomplish all of these investigations, the NTSB developed what is known as the party process to include members from outside organizations in accident investigations. This paper will discuss the reasons, specifications, and limitations of the process. Reasons for the Process

As mentioned in the introduction, the main reason that the party process was established was to increase the available resources to the NTSB for purposes of accident investigations. The NTSB simply does not have the personnel or other resources to complete so many investigations in a timely or accurate manner. That is not the only reason behind the process though. Organizations such as aircraft manufacturers, airlines, aviation associations, and persons involved in the accident would obviously prefer to have some involvement with the investigation process. They may want to have input in the process as well. For example, an airline may want to be involved in the investigation to ensure that the cause of the accident is found and corrected within their organization to promote public safety and ensure that future accidents do not occur. These organizations are also those that have the best expertise in their related fields during an investigation and can be invaluable assets in determining facts and findings leading to an eventual cause and suggestions for improvements. Specifications

Although there are not many specifications for the party process, there a few very important ones that need to be mentioned. First of all, being a party to an...

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