An Overview of Banking System in Bangladesh

Topics: Bank, Credit, Central bank Pages: 47 (13288 words) Published: January 10, 2011
2.1 Definition of Internship
Internship is a process to achieve practical knowledge about some theoretical lesson. Its most important aspect is to acquire knowledge about the real position. As a practical subject, Management needs some practical knowledge. Marketing of Business studies includes an internship programs for its Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs. According to Polin Efro (1977). “Social Research is such a scientific effort which tries to discover new information through some rational and organized system, which tries to examine the reliability of former information, and which tries to make to new theories, systems and conceptions to understand and Explain a human attitude”. Practical work is achieved to fulfill our knowledge. In practical work, we can realize some problems and possible determinants of their solution. 2.2 Objectives of Internship

Primary objectives of internship are to provide some practical knowledge, which will increase the practical experience with theoretical knowledge managerial efficiency. It helps to achieve real knowledge, perfect investigation, above discussion of known and unknown matter, techniques and experience. However, we can mention the objectives program of internship in the following ways: * To show the guideline for searching various necessary information to solve the organizational problems. * To add new information with established ways.

* To identify problems and recommends to solve them.
* To realize what kinds off organization can contribute to the economic development of a country. * To determine entire actual situation of the organization. * Another important objective of practical training is to implement the knowledge of practical training in the practical life. * To prepare pragmatic report about entire management of organization. * To make comprehensive solutions of problems to increase the diversification and modification of marketing. * To show about the profitability, liquidity and solvency. * To investigate the techniques those are used in decision-making. * To show about the conditions of the Bank and its goodwill to the public. * To identify managerial problems and eradicate those.

2.3 Importance of Internship
Goods and services are produced for the purpose of using in daily life. Similarly, Theoretical knowledge is acquired for the purpose of applying in the practical life. The propensity of application of theoretical knowledge in practical life successfully internship program is absolutely necessary because theoretical knowledge will be fruitful if it can be applied in the practical life. When we can implement the theoretical knowledge practically, we can say the knowledge is successful; otherwise the achieved knowledge is valueless. Internship program is the way of implementing the theoretical knowledge practically. However, the importance of internship may be described in the following ways: * As internship program is the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge, it helps to increase the quality and effectiveness of the trainer. * We can only know the problems of an organization in directly through theoretical knowledge, but we can know the nature of the problems, problems of the various departments, methods of solving the problems through the practical training. So it is very important to identify the problems and eradicate the problems. * The trend of all activities is an organization becomes growing through practical training. * To Innovate new technique of management.

* To realize the present condition of the institution.
* To make policy for development of the organization.
* It mentally prepares for their professions.
* Internship program acts as a bridge between theoretical knowledge and managerial practice. * Internship acts as a guideline during the service period. * By internship program students can understand...
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