An Over-view of Online Recruitment: The Case of Public and

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European Journal of Business and Management
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Vol.5, No.32, 2013

An Over-view of Online Recruitment: The Case of Public and
Private Sectors in Tanzania
Nuran Ally Mwasha
School of Economics & Business Administration, Central China Normal University, 152 Luoyu Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, 430079, P.R. China
The online recruitment has been a motivating method for many Organizations around the globe for employees’ recruitment. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the online recruitment and selection system in the public and private sectors in Tanzania, by analyzing the general ICT situation, the current online recruitment methods, the challenges on effective operation on online recruitment, the steps taken by government to ensure the favorable environment on ICT sector and the recommendations for future research. According to different surveys as we will discuss later, Tanzania lacks adequate data on online recruitment. For this case, I will use the data about recruitment in general from the study done by Egbert et al, (2009), the available data on corporate websites and other researches related to the internet usage in Tanzania. The results depict that online recruitment is used by different companies in Tanzania though in low rate compared to other sources of recruitment.

Key words: recruitment, online recruitment, corporate websites, job boards and Internet 1. Introduction
Over the past one decade there has been a tremendous increase in the use of internet including online recruitment specifically the web technology to recruit, select and test the applicants. It has been taken as the modern instrument to get highly qualified and effective talented employees who will act as a ladder to achieve the Organizational goals. Cappelli, (2001) as cited by Lievens, (2003) argues that the use of the Internet for recruitment and testing has grown very rapidly in recent years. Organization has to make a plan for human resources by assessing the quality and quantity of the present labor force so as to achieve the organizations objectives. Also internet recruitment has been considered as the latest hiring tool (Sharma, 2011). The internet technology has enabled the job seekers and corporate websites to interact more easily as the job seekers can upload their resumes in the corporate websites so that recruiters can match their qualifications and the present job vacancies.

Online recruitment has been explained differently by different authors according to the context and content to be used. According to Galanaki, (2002) cited by Marr, (2007) defined the online recruitment as the action of advertising jobs through internet and the other sources of information about jobs online. Online recruitment is also known as e-recruitment, is the practice whereby the online technology is used particularly websites as a means of assessing, interviewing, and hiring personnel (Rouse, 2012). Many companies advertise their jobs on corporate websites. iLogos Research, (2000) cited by (Haas et al, 2001) asserted that, a survey which involved Global 500 companies in 2000, about 79% recruit their employees through their websites. According to Fortune magazine, (2013) the Global 500 companies are the world biggest companies with high gross revenue. The survey conducted by Taleo, (2003) for the use of companies’ website for recruitment show that in 1998 was 29% which rise to 94% in 2003. Besides using corporate web sites there is also on-line job boards. Job seekers post their resume in on-line job board to match their qualification with available post. The famous job boards encompasses of,,, HotJobs and career builder (Carl et al, 2001and Noe et al, 2007).

An online recruitment has great potential to any organization as it’s up to date recruiting method provides current information; open up geographical borders...
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