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An online class compared to a traditional class

College students can choose online courses, a traditional classroom setting, or they can choose both. Traditional classes require students to attend class on a regular schedule at a specific date and time. Online students have the convenience of accessing their classrooms from the privacy of their own homes. Students choose their classes that they take in college according to several advantages and disadvantages, differences, of each class. There are several differences between an online class and a traditional class such as scheduled class time, communication with teacher and classmates and course materials. First of all, there is scheduled class time in a traditional class unlike an online class. In traditional classes, you have the responsibility to show up in class as it is scheduled and arriving at the classroom on time is considered one of assignment by a professor. While, of course, in online classes you do not have to show up in class and you can just check out discussion boards, download the course material and study in your own time. So, being on time is what traditional classes are all about and this is the opposite when it comes to online classes. Next, students can communicate with teachers and classmates in a traditional class directly; however, they have to send email or post questions on site of online class to communicate. A traditional class gives you the option to talk, discuss and ask questions directly to your professors and classmates. When it comes to online class, you send them an email or post questions on the discussion board and your classmate or your professor can give answer. On an online class, you have to wait someone answers when you post your questions unlike a traditional class where you get an answer immediately. When you take tradition classes, you can improve your speaking skill, whereas you can improve writing skill when you come to online classes. Finally, course materials...
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