An Investigation of the High School Students’ Interest in Learning English

Topics: Second language acquisition, Language acquisition, Second language Pages: 6 (1621 words) Published: June 18, 2013


Topic: An investigation of An Luong Dong high school Students’ Interest in learning English

Instructor: Tôn Nữ Như Ngọc
Student: Lê Hà Thùy Trang

Hue, June 2013
Table of contents:

1. Subjects of study
2. Method of data collection


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to many people for the help, support and encouragement without which I am not able to complete this work. First of all, I would like to thank my supervisor, Ms. Nhu Ngoc for guiding me throughout my academic program and for her comments and valuable suggestions. I want to thank my friends at HUCFL that have listened, read my draft and given advice. Finally, I wish to have an extra special acknowledgement to my family for the support and understanding during the course.

Nowadays, in the trend of globalization, integration with countries all over the world and to be able to cooperate and exchange of economy, culture with other countries in the area as well as all over the world, which requires Vietnamese people , especially the young need to have a certain foreign language. And English is a foreign language popularized for many countries; it is the common language of many countries in the world. Having good foreign language proficiency will be very helpful in learning of each person such as: read foreign materials, have the ability to communicate with native speakers, go abroad to study , acquire science and technology, modern technology, advanced culture of many countries. And now many jobs in our country require workers to have a certain level of language, they are employed. Recognizing the importance of the English subject in the education system of our country in particular and for the general development of the country, so in recent years the Ministry of Education and Training has popularized English subject from primary school to high school system. However, English is not a difficult subject, which requires learners to be patient, hard, have a lot of time and effort for learning English being best. But now, learning in many schools is not highly effective, especially in the rural and mountainous areas, because students may not realize the importance and great significance in English for the development of each individual in professional activities, as well as not have time to learn, full of conditions, material support for teaching and learning yet. I'm a student from the rural and I understand that. As a result, many students are not interested in English. Learning is just the nature of dealing; learning for obligation still exists in division students, current students. And that has affected the academic result, the operation of their career later. Therefore, I have studied the topic: "An investigation of An Luong Dong high school Students’ Interest in learning English". To contribute to raising awareness of the students about the significance and importance of the subject, as well as raising excitement for high school students in learning English. With this purpose, I give three questions to look for the answer, they are: 1. How are the facts about An Luong Dong high school students’ interest in learning English? 2. What are factors affecting the interest of An Luong Dong high school students in learning English? 3. How to make students interested in learning English (solutions)

1. Subjects of study
The subjects of this study are fifty An Luong Dong high school students of grade 10, 11, 12 (Phu Loc province), namely thirty 12th grade students, ten 11th graders and ten 10th graders 2. Method of data collection:

a. The questionnaire :
This is the main method to collect information from individuals about the facts, influence factor,...

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