An Introduction to Working with Children 1

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A primary school for children aged between 5 and 7 years provides education for all children. A non private primary school is a statutory setting witch means that it has been past by law by parliament, this means they have pasted a law to say that the service either must or can be provided by them. Primary school setting must follow the national curriculum witch is what the school must teach the children literacy, numeracy, and science this is what the school should provide for the children on top of other subjects for 5 – 7 year olds the statutory subjects that all pupils must study are art and design, design and technology, geography, history, information and communication technology, music and physical education. Religious education must also be provided at key stages 1 and 2. All statutory setting must provide high quality education. The setting will be regularly inspected by ofstead. Ofstead is the office for “standards in education” there job is to inspect and regulate care and education for children and young people. Provisions for a child aged under 5 years old in a nursery class in a statutory setting. The purpose of this setting is to help children to adapt the children from being at nursery for half a day to a full day as this will help them to prepare for primary school. A nursery setting has to go by the early years foundation stage (EYFS). A nursery setting is there to help children to develop their physical, intellectual, language, emotional, social skills better and gives them the opportunity for outdoor play, this will help to prepare them for when they move up to primary school. D2)

A private day nursery for children aged under 5 years old provides full day care, early years education and security. A private day nursery is a private setting with is were you have to pay for your child to be looked after this could cost around £120 - £200 a week the price may vary depending on were you may take your child to. This would be suitable for working parents because it is open all year round. The times that the nursery may open and close depends on were you send your child. It is good for children to start nursery young because it can help to build up there P.I.L.E.S more from an earlier stage and when the child goes to nursery or school it will be less emotional for them. Private Day nurseries offer part time places. They are usually open for one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sessions vary. An art and crafts club for 5 – 7 year old children aim to help provide a safe, friendly secure environment. Sessions like this can help children’s full potential to develop this can be shown threw there P.I.L.E.S. parents and carers need to feel satisfied with the environment that they are leaving there children in. The setting that the club is placed at can show this by providing a stable, secure and relaxed environment. Children of all backgrounds like racial, cultural and religious should be recognised and respected.

A professional who works with children is a social worker there job is to work with older clients, adoption, fostering work, and people that can not really look after them selves and need that little extra help. People think that social workers are only there to take your children away from the parents but there not they are there to help they only want what’s best for the parents ant the children they will only take children off there parents if the child is being abused in any way possible or if the family is not stable enough to look after the child other than that social workers know that it is best for the child to be with the parents. Social workers are also there to give advice and practical support to families if needed. D4)

The practitioner should understand the settings confidentiality policy witch says keeping information about the children and their families confidential is the most important thing to do when working with children. This is a need to do thing so you can...
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