An Introduction to Teaching Listening

Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Some teachers have commented that to teach listening seems so difficult. It is because usually we : 1. Can forget easily what we have heard
2. Do not recognize the words
3. Understanding the words but not intended message
4. Neglect the next part when thinking about the meaning
5. Unable to form a mental representation from words heard In order not to have an opinion that teaching listening is difficult. Here are the principle and model for teaching listening : 1. Focus on process

2. Combine listening with other skills
3. Focus on comprehension meaning
4. Grade difficulty level appropriately

To fulfill the principle above we can :
1. Have a real, communicate purpose.
2. Use authentic language without significantly slower or simpler speech than would normally be used in everyday life. 3. Use pre-listening tasks(e.g. discussing topic, brainstorming, presenting vocabulary, sharing of related article) to stimulate the appropriate background knowledge and help leraner identfy the purpose of the listening activity. 4. Offering content that is personally interesting and motivating to learners. 5. The classroom climate surrounding the listening activity must be non-threathing and positive, and simple effective strategies should be used to reduce anxiety if it is present before or during the listening activity. Why we should give the script?

1. The whole listening text should be given, and then it should be divided into parts that can be repeated. This sequence gives listeners time to think and rethink their hypotheses about the kmeaning of what is said. 2. At the end, the whole text should be given again, and learners should have the opportunity to discuss their hypotheses and how they tested and altered them.

What are the best listening activities?
1. The listening activity must require the listeners to respond in some meaningfulo fashion,...
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