An Introduction to Modernist Photography

Topics: Modernism, Photography, Photograph Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Modernism Photography is not simply a style but more of an attitude, a determination to break with the past and free the artist from the rules of convention and etiquette. The essay compares and contrasts these two modern photographs created by two prominent photographers. Wolfgang Sievers and Max Dupain are two of Australia’s most renowned Modernist photographers. Their photographs reflected significant changes in the world including technology, ideas and the modernist aesthetic applied to Photography. In this regard, the photograph Gear for Mining Industry, created by Wolfgang Sievers has been compared with the Rescue and Resuscitation by Max Dupain, of which both photographs reflect the modernist aesthetic in their works.

When comparing the work of Wolfgang Sievers and Max Dupain, you can see the influence of Australia’s way of life on their photography. They captured the essence of Australia’s changing character. This is evident in both photos, Rescue and Resuscitation and Gear for Mining Industry. This shows that their work reflected changes in the world through their ideas applied to their photography.

In contrast, Sievers focuses on industrial machinery, man made structures, economic growth, modern life and architecture while Dupain focuses on landscapes, beaches, nudes, still life and architecture. In the photos that I have chosen, Siever focused on the interaction of man and the machine while Dupain’s photograph focused on showing typical Australian surf life. This shows that their work is a remembrance to industrial glorious of the past, as showed the beauty and excitement of economic and shows changes in the world through technology applied to their photography.

Wolfgang Sievers and Max Dupain both applied modernist aesthetic style in their photographs, they wanted to share how they see the industrial age by applying a modernist aesthetic in their work that the photographs themselves speaks of changing the world. Both modernist photographers...
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