An Introduction to Consumer Perception

Topics: Milk, Brand, Evaporated milk Pages: 4 (1439 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Consumer Perception 
Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Introduction and Research Questions2
Research Design2
Selection of sample2
Data Collection Procedures2
Presentation and analysis of finding3
Best and worst taste3
Usual and after taste preference3
Marketing Implication4

Executive Summary
Our research offers a study on consumers behavior who like to start their day with a cup or Karak (cooked tea with milk), or simply love to have it throughout the day, knowing that Karak is the second most consumed hot beverage in Qatar after Arabian coffee. Across not only Qatar but the entire GCC, the consume of evaporated milk exceeded 60% according to Rainbow' s official website. In Qatar, Karak is more like a symbol of being a Qatari than a just a beverage, especially to young adult. some restaurants are famous for their Karak that consumers might travel for 1 hour distance just to have a taste of the famous Karak they have, some restaurants like Tea Time and Al-Noaimi Karak. While there are currently so many companies offering evaporated milk, the key ingredient for Karak, in GCC, only three of those stand out, Rainbow, Tamween, and Marai. Our research is to test consumer perception to ther different type of evaporated milk, will they be able to tell the difference? And what makes them chose one brand over the other? People who say they will never use anything but Rainbow how will they act if they tasted something better? Before starting the research we made a prior research to check who are the most interested consumers in Karak, young adults who are between 20 to 30 and to narrow the targeted consumers we choose young girls aged between 20 to 25. Based on the aged chosen some of the girls were already married and housewives who had experience more than the others. In our research we will go through the test and three basic questions we asked in our survey, the test came up with unexpected results....
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