An Interview With My Grandmother

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Thing Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: December 9, 2012
67 Years of Difference
Morgan Conway

The person who I interviewed was my grandmother, Judy Mcdowell. She is sixty seven years old, and still acts like she’s twenty. She has definitely adapted to the changes of society through her life. Whether it be the clothes that she wears, the terms she uses, or the things she does.

Judy was born in 1943. She grew up in Stamping Ground, KY. Stamping ground was a small little country town on the outskirts of Georgetown. To this day Stamping Ground is still country. It is small, quiet, and not heavily populated. Nothing big is in the town besides a couple of gas stations, and a little corner grocery.

My Grandmothers home life is probably different than some peoples today. Manners were a must. Yes mam and no mam we necessary in every situation, and don’t you dare forget your please and thank you’s. This is something you rarely see today. I will admit that I am at fault for not always saying yes mam and no mam, but I am usually good about saying please and thank you, most kids my age are not. You were polite to everyone you meet, whether you like them or not. And you never even think of back talking your elders. If I had a nickel for every time that I have seen a child back talk their teachers, parents or boss I would be richer than Bill Gates. Now days kids don’t have any respect for anyone. If your parents asked you to do something you did it. You did it then, and you did it right. You would never half do something that your parents or teachers asked you to do. In my grandmothers words if you didn’t mind then you would for sure be receiving an “ass whooping”. I am guilty of not doing what I am told, but I also have received my “ass whooping”, I guess some things haven’t changed.

Most kids have to still do chores. I know in my house that I am expected to keep my room clean, and take my dogs out. I know friends that have to do a lot more than I do and people refer to that as “old fashioned”. This is because...
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