An Internship Report on Borrower's Perception of Prime Bank Limited

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University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Department of Business Administration

Internship Report
“Borrower’s Perception On Prime Bank Limited”

Submitted to:
Business Administration

Submitted by:
ID: 081011072
Major: Finance; Minor: Computer Science and Engineering Department of Business Studies (BBA)

Date of Submission: August 21, 2011


August 21, 2011
Sumaiya Zaman
Business Administration
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of Internship Report of Prime Bank Limited.

Dear Sir,
It is my pleasure to submit my Internship Report on “Borrower’s Perception on Prime Bank Limited” as a requirement of Internship course, BUS-499. I tried my best to gather relevant information for constructing a complete report as outlined. The preparations of this report enable me to a great extent to complete my theoretical knowledge with practical analysis. I would like to express my profound gratitude for your kind and conscious guidance in preparing my report in the giving time.

Thank you very much for your heartiest co-operation.
Yours sincerely,

(Sameer Ansary)

BBA 081thBatch, Major-Finance
ID no-081011072,
Department of Business Department,
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


First of all I would like to express my gratitude to omnipotent and almighty Allah, whose invisible guidance helped me to complete this report. Although, time was very limited for getting the sufficient knowledge about all of banking service, but the short experience that I gathered as an internee, in Prime Bank Limited on Sat-Masjid Road Branch an asset for all the time to come in my life. I take the opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude of my reverend supervisor, Sumaiya Zaman (Lecturer, Business Administration, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh) for his invaluable suggestions and guidance during the study period that has greatly inspired me in preparing this report successfully.

I am highly thankful to all of the employees of Prime Bank Limited, Sat-Masjid Road Branch for their support that helped me to prepare this report. All of them are very frank and helpful exception. I couldn’t think a single moment that I am a student of internee in that bank they help me as his employee. Besides I have special appreciation towards following resource person for helping me:

➢ Md. Omar Kabir, Vice President.
➢ Md. Aminur Rahman Akanda, Assistant Vice President and Manager Operation. ➢ Shah Mohammad Mohsin, First Assistant Vice President. ➢ Md. Masud Uddin Ahmed, First Assistant Vice President. ➢ Md. Rofiqul Islam, Executive Officer.

➢ Sharmin Rahman, Executive Officer.
➢ Md. Eshtiak Masud, Executive Officer.
➢ Faria Azad, Executive Officer.
➢ A.S.M Hasan Sohel, Executive Officer.
➢ Md. Naiamul Farid, Senior Officer.
➢ Jahir Uddin, Senior Officer.
➢ Md. Golam Mostofa, Officer.
➢ Md. Saiduzzaman Khan, Management Trainee.
➢ Sree Jyotish Chandra, Management Trainee.
➢ Sharmin Akter, Trainee Assist.

Finally, I want to express my deep gratitude to my parents and other family members and also remember my friends whose enormous helps assist me to complete my report.

|Serial No. |Particulars |Page No. | | |Abstract |1 | | |CHAPTER: 01 INTRODUCTION |2-6 | |1. 1 |Statement of the Research Problem...

Bibliography: 2. Star Business News . (2008). Prime Bank Launches Training program.
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