An Interesting Movie – Avatar

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An Interesting Movie – Avatar

Racheal Rebolloso

ENG 225: Introduction to Film

Instructor Matthew Norsworthy

March 22, 2010

An Interesting Movie – Avatar

As a lover of cinema, I have seen many movies that I find interesting or fascinating in some manner. Recently, the most remarkable film I have seen is James Cameron’s Avatar. This science-fiction epic was made using cutting edge technology but also has a story line that is engaging and captivating for the audience. The movie has underlying themes that make the audience think and feel while being entertained. Avatar stretches the bounds of cinematic imagination and takes the viewers on a wild ride. This movie is meaningful and beautiful all at the same time. Avatar has a powerful moral fiber that plays throughout the entire movie. It is a meaningful reminder that all life is precious and worth being explored. This film is meaningful to me for many reasons.

Avatar takes place in the year 2154 on a moon called Pandora. Humans have discovered very valuable natural resources on Pandora and will do whatever it takes to obtain what they need. Initially, the humans decide that using force to take control of the resources may be the wrong way to go about dealing with the people of Pandora. The Earthlings decide instead to set up schools and teach English to the moon’s inhabitants to try to win them over. The main people of Pandora are the Na’vi, a 10 foot tall, blue-skinned humanoid alien group that live in the rainforests of Pandora. The humans are able to interact with the Na’vi by artificial yet organic avatars, modeled on Na’vi DNA but controlled with a human mind and conscience.

Jake Sully, a young crippled Marine, is given the task of infiltrating the Na’vi and talking them into leaving their homes. He was injured and is now wheelchair bound. In order to have the required surgeries to re-gain the use of his legs, Jake must take this offer...

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