An Interesting Character

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Black hair Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Pale and cold. That was what I first felt when I see her on the first day of school reopen. Despite that , she is very beautiful and attractive. She looks just like those typical japanese dolls with big eyes and long straight black hair with short fringe covered up her forehead . When she smile , is like sunshine after the down pouring rain , especially with the two little dimples on her cheek.

Alice is her name , the newly transferred student to our class. She is five feet tall with a slim figure. On the first day of school , the chilly aura that surrounds her had mistaken us, we thought she is arrogant , but her friendliness and warm smile had proved us wrong.

As time passes , we get to know her more . She is an all-rounded person with interesting personalities. First of all , she is an extrovert and an optimist. “Laugh and the whole world laugh with you , cry and you cry alone” she would always say. She has a great sense of humor , she is playful but in a good way. She can be a little silly and clumsy sometime. That part of her always make us burst into laughter, even the teachers could not help but to laugh together with us.

She is one of the top student in our school that score execellent grades She is also active in co-curriculum activities . She even joins our school basketball team and manages to bring the glory home . She is hardworking and determined . This has earn the respect of most of us , even the teachers like her very much . Unlike us , she never complains when a teacher gave too much homeworks , she will always had it all done on the same day. In her own words ,she said : “Success comes only to those who seek it.”

She is a good listener . We would always poured out our feelings to her and seek advice from her . She will always be patient and treat us sincerely . We had never seen her lose her temper. She is always as calm as a summer sea . She is thoughtful and never judgemental . She does not look down...
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