An Intentional Teacher

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An intentional teacher, of early childhood, not only has the power to develop the kind of people that will solve our world’s toughest problems, but also prevent problems from occurring by setting children on a positive course from the beginning. “Intentional teaching is a multifaceted, multidimensional concept that conveys many of the personal and professional qualities of an early childhood educator.”

(Bredekamp, 2013) Ginott's quote, chosen from many of his quotes that inspire teachers everywhere, has the kind of power that exists in layers. A teacher’s presence in a classroom has the power to create a multitude of learning. A child will understand so much about social interactions and communication through a teacher’s choice words and tone. A child will settle into a rate of learning through a teacher’s effective use of pacing and differentiation. But most importantly, children will unintentionally strive to gain a sense of self through the praise and discipline of a teacher.

I work in a small elementary school that has adopted the program, “Responsive Classroom”. This program has developed a sense of community throughout the school. The “expectations” are created each year with each new class, giving the children a sense of ownership of how a classroom should run. The children are treated with respect throughout their career at this school. As a special education teacher, with a passionate stand on inclusion, this method has created a warm sense of community for all children. The intentional teachers in our school seem to be aware of their “power” as teachers, and use this power to humanize their students. I am inspired, daily, by the teachers I work with, and the students they “humor” and “heal” on a daily basis.

Bredekamp, Sue (2013-09-03). Effective Practices in Early Childhood Education: Building a Foundation (2nd Edition) (Page 13). Pearson HE, Inc. Kindle Edition.
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