An Instructional Comparison Between Face-to-Face and On-line Learning

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An Instructional Comparison between Face-to-Face and On-line Learning By: Lori Ann Long

East Carolina University

May 3, 2009

In this study we will investigate and compare two types of course sections. One section will be online and the other will be face-to-face. The investigators will analyze gender, age and learning styles. These groups will be evaluated on how effective they were in completing the tasks of the course. The two sections will be taught in the same semester and use the same instructional material. In this paper, the investigators determined that there were no significant differences in test scores, assignments or average grades. Online students found the course to be as effective to their learning as if they were in a traditional face-to-face course. This study will show that the corresponding learning experience can be equally effective for on-line learners as for face-to-face learners.

An Instructional Comparison between Face-to-Face and Online Learning

Today non-traditional adult students are having a hard time finding good jobs, and going back to school for these individuals is not that easy either. Many adults are heading back to school, and in today’s economy it’s hard to make a difference in the job market without a diploma. The purpose of this study is to determine which would make a significant difference in learning for these types of students, face-to-face (FTF) or on-line (OL) learning. Literature Review

In this literature review, the authors Keirsey and Bates (1984, 14-16) discuss how different individual’s needs ways in regenerating their energy, which they have classified as introversion and extraversion. The authors explain, in their opinion, the type of people who would benefit from this type of environment. The authors state that students that are more reserved and less social would be classified as having an introverted personality, and students who are ready to jump into anything would be better classified as having an extraverted personality. The authors review states that students who are more introverted would be better on-line students compared to extraverted students who would do much better in a FTF class when interacting with others.

Another set of authors Diaz and Cartnal, (1999) discuss that in comparison between instructional styles and learning methods, which would be more beneficial FTF or OL? Would the result differ? Therefore if the study is founded and states that there is no difference in the instructional method of studies between FTF and OL, the difference in the effectiveness outcome toward these two groups would have no significant results in the finding.

The current research proposal intends to compare the different styles of instructional learning environments and determine the outcome of these two learning styles. The study takes two course sections which are the same in instructional matter and examines the difference between face-to-face and on-line instruction effectiveness. The courses will be taught at the same time, one class will be taught in the traditional fifteen week semester face-to-face three hour class that meets once a week, and the other will be taught on-line (Diaz & Cartnal, 1999). The paper addresses the needs and results of this study and states the research question for the following: What are the demographics on students taking these courses? If these two courses show a significant difference, would this be a factor in the outcome of the study? What are the preferable learning styles for these students? How does the student learning styles compare to the two sections? Was there a significant difference between learning styles? How did the students react to the type of instructional style? Did the course appear to be sufficient for the outcome? What was the satisfaction of the...
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