An Inspiration for Teamwork in Negotiated Solutions

Topics: Negotiation, FIFA World Cup, Mediation Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Article Analysis Assignment


Pele: An Inspiration for Teamwork in Negotiated Solutions by Luis Miguel Diaz.

Luis Miguel Diaz, was president of the Interdisciplinary Center for Conflict Management in Mexico City with a Law Degree earned at the UNAM in Mexico, and a LLM and SJD from Harvard University Law School.


"" Mediators & Everything Mediation, June 2008. Available from:


The main idea that Luis Diaz is trying to emphasize is that negotiations can be done in team work and for them to work multiple skills are required. One of the most important is: working as team. Although every individual is key to the team, there is no individualism. In order for the negotiation to be successful, every single member has to collaborate for the same goal; otherwise the negotiation won't work out.


Pele is a Brazilian soccer player, whose ability to play soccer as well as his passion, and show of leadership, have got him many recognitions in the world of sport. Pele has been named Athlete of the Century in 1999 and became ambassador of the world by the FIFA. But not only that, hi is and has been an inspiration for many people. One example is that he was the cause of a cease-fire during a civil war in Nigeria so everyone could watch him play, and after the match, the war continued. In this article, two things are being analyzed: One is soccer. Soccer is one of the sports that involve a great amount of teamwork and problem solving. The other one is Pele, being the greatest soccer player of all times, he is being analyzed, throughout his soccer career, to be an example and inspiration of how to do negotiation in teamwork. Because he has shown the key components of how to negotiate when working in teams, such as:

• Commitment: in order to successfully achieve a negotiation one most be committed to it.

• Respect: Respect others believe, backgrounds, and in...
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