An Infinite Person

The question is, what is an infinite person and what makes one an infinite person? To me an infinite person is someone who strongly believes in their constitutional amendments and has no limits. They feel everyone has the right to practice their first amendment. They believe everyone should be granted the chance to voice their own opinions and not be afraid of any repercussions. They also believe everyone is allowed to practice whatever religion that suits them the best. Also, they believe that everyone should be granted the right to assemble and even petition against the government. An infinite person feels that there should be no limit to people using their first amendment and do not get in the way of anyone doing so. I feel the first amendment is the number one rule that an infinite person follows. An infinite person is also one who is not judgmental of other people and feels that we were all created equally. They have no bias and also do not create stereotypes against other people. They feel everyone has the right to be different and be who they are. They too are very different from other people and do not let others hold them back from their beliefs. They kind of create their own little world and live by the rules they have set forth. They often do not follow traditions that have been set forth by others, making their own set of traditions. I also feel that an infinite person doesn’t look to people’s differences or even their failures. They learn to love everyone for whom they are. They don’t see chaos in life. When asked who I think would be an infinite person, only one person comes to mind and that is Jesus Christ. Jesus never judged any individuals and felt that everyone was allowed to their freedom of speech. He created everyone as equals. And if you really think about it he created his own traditions at the time and didn’t follow traditions that were set forth by others. Jesus committed no crimes and did not place judgment and

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