An Inconvenient Truth Movie

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Al Gore, Global warming Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: November 28, 2011
An Inconvenient Truth
In the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, the speaker, talks about the subject of his movie, the dangers of global warming. He delineates that global warming is truly causing the temperatures to rise and melting the ice caps. The audience he is speaking to are the democrats who are not so sure about whether global warming is real or just an elaborate hoax. He establishes who he is by showing clips of his presidential campaign and also by showing his didactic efforts to spread the message of global warming, appealing to ethos. His arguments depend heavily on emotions, appealing to ethos. For example, he uses the fallacy of sentimental appeal numerous times in videos and pictures such as the pictures of Hurricane Katrina victims and videos of dying polar bears. Al Gore uses this fallacy extremely effectively inducing the audience become emotional and become more receptive to the idea that global warming is a serious problem. Also, another fallacy that Al Gore uses is the scare tactic. He basically states that if global warming continues to rise like it has over the past few decades we will all be heading toward a downward spiral of doom. In this way, Al Gore instills fear into his audience to get his message across to the people. He used other arguments as well, but these two were constantly being used throughout the film.

Furthermore, although Al Gore makes some pretentious claims, he makes them sound quite convincing when he presents numerous sources and scientific data that support his arguments. He reiterates his points effectively to his audience and uses his authority as an influential political figure to make his arguments sound more credible than they really are. Overall, Al Gore is effective in getting the information on global warming across to his audience who may have been skeptical about the validity of the subject.
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