An Inconvenient Truth - Essay 4

Topics: Global warming, Kyoto Protocol, Al Gore Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: February 6, 2012
AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH is a documentary, an instrument of public education and talks about the problem of global warming in the earth and inspires people to take action to save the earth. This documentary centers on Al Gore, and his campaign to make global warming a recognized problem worldwide. Gore combines objective scientific evidence, humor and personal insights to create a powerful exploration of what he clearly believes is the most critical issue of this or any other time in human history. Davis Guggenheim was the director of the documentary.

The documentary was about global warming and on how can we protect our mother earth for future generations. Al Gore shows pictures of the earth and also shows us up-to-date data and statistics, which is also compared by figures in our prior years to show us the degree of damage we have done tour planet earth. The documentary also has elaborate cartoons and diagrams so that people of all intellectual capabilities can understand and relate to the topics under discussion. Added to that, he shows also pictures of the destruction of earth just like comparative photographs from footage of collapsing ice shelves, data on the record numbers of storms, disappearing glaciers around the world, great floods, and other kinds of extreme weather, new diseases which include viruses which hit the people , photos of dying polar bears animations of the effects of rising sea levels, and disappearing coral reefs. It has in depth explanations as to how all this damage has come to occur and why most people fail to respond to all warnings concerning about the planet. It also states that politics and mislead information has been given to most public, so that this issue can be ignored and not resolved as solutions and alternatives can cause a lot of problems and hassles economically. He tells that only political will can make a change and to encourage the people to stand up for saving the earth. One thing more it also shows his defeat with...
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