an incident that changed my life

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It is a accident change my life .

A car accident is often a life changing experience for those who were involved. May 2010 forever changed my life. My perspective on life isn't the same. You are never quite the same. I often have flash backs of that day.I was picking up an ex boyfriend for a dear friend of mine. I shouldn't have been out that day. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been in that wreck. However I feel as if everything happens for a reason. I'm not sure why it happened, or why bad things happen to good people. Its either bad luck or just life in general.At the time of the wreck I was making a left hand turn onto a two lane road, on that road, the light was green. As I was proceeding on my way, a car in the right lane had cut into my lane. I had no time to react, except to slam on my brakes. As I slammed on the brakes, I locked them up being that my brakes were anti lock. For some reason, the car in front of me had slammed on their brakes when they cut me off. Which in turn made react and slam on my brakes. This reaction caused me to hit them in behind. No matter what state you reside in, the police consider it to be your fault, especially if you hit them in behind. They do not care whose fault it really is.When the two cars collided together, at first it would have been just a slight fender bender. No it wasn't. It should have been. After we collided, somehow the front end of my car ended up beneath his back bumper. This action caused his car to ride backward onto my hood. In split seconds, I saw my life flash before me. His back tire hit my windshield, directly in my line of sight. I thought I was a goner. My passengers and I screamed and yelled. Metal against metal. Bits of glass shattered inside my car. Everything happened so fast within a matter of seconds . As I sat there watching my whole life flash before my eyes, I saw his car flip off of mine. It was like riding a roller coaster but in slow motion. Till this day I can't begin to

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