An Improved Measure of Subjective Career Success

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The Letter

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, success is: “A favorable or desired outcome.” I believe that success means trying to make life grand through one’s own efforts. Many people equate success with achievement and honor. Furthermore, many tie happiness to change in their lives. However, success is frequently a subjective measure. On occasion, success is measured by the same standard. I believe that success and achievement go hand in hand and that its achievement ultimately leads to happiness.

As a student, success currently means obtaining good test results. Furthermore, I believe that good results will enable me to enroll in a reputable university and later help me find a rewarding career. My pursuit of this goal is my own subjective measure of success. Learning to play a musical instrument was also a rewarding experience in my life. Though challenging, my ability to play an instrument has been both rewarding and enriching….I feel that this is true achievement!

I have had three goals in my life. The first goal has been to become a famous cook. I am really interested in cooking and baking. But my dream is slightly different than others’ because I would like to be a different type of cook. I would like to unite cooking with science. Therefore, I have to go McGill University and get good marks in order to graduate – this will enable me to reach my goals. The fruits of my labor will be a big three storied house that I can share with both friends and family. Success and lots of money will help me achieve this goal. Lastly, I would like to own my own company. This will allow me earn lots of money and pursue my goals of becoming a professional chef and owning a fancy house.
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