An Illicit Act Such as Human Trafficking, Is One of the Major Global Concern and Challenge

Topics: Human trafficking, Slavery, Human anatomy Pages: 5 (1566 words) Published: April 7, 2009
In today’s modern society, issues such as smuggling drugs (smuggling), prostitution, terrorism, slavery, deprivation of human rights amongst others are some of the major global issues, which are becoming prevalent in some parts of the world. Human trafficking is defined as the trade of humans by force and obviously, without their consent for money (Human trafficking). Basically, human trafficking is not the same as smuggling in the sense that they benefit from their illicit activities of exploitation. Smuggling is about importing or exporting a prohibited product illegally. In human trafficking, victims such as young children, teenagers, both men and especially woman, are subjected to sexual exploitation, forced labor, and fraud. In my opinion, human trafficking aims more at forced sexual exploitation of woman and in forced labored slavery. This essay will be discussing about the aspects of human trafficking such as sexual exploitation, slavery and selling of human organs, the causes and actions being done to stop it.

Some of the aspects of human sex trafficking includes sexual exploitation, prostitution and pornography amongst others. Sexual exploitation is in terms of making a sex commercial act with teenagers under the age of 18, making them exploiting their body using force and being brutal to them. According to recent statistics, 500, 000 people every year in Europe, mostly women and young girls are being forced into prostitution (Human Trafficking 2). Prostitution is defined as the act of practicing sex for money. In my opinion, sex trafficking happens mostly in poor countries through abduction and parents selling their child in order to be able to manage economically. Since woman and teenage girls are forced into sexual relationships for money, they would be compelled to involve in pornography which is defined as sexually explicit pictures in a well defined obscene scene and as well as in writings. Moreover, the US States Department stated that “80% of victims trafficked across international borders are female and 70% of those women and girls are trafficked for sexual exploitation” (Human Trafficking 2.) According to me, I think that this is really disturbing by the fact that despite being in a modernized nation where women are fighting for equality, the image of women is still degrading globally. Moreover, the trafficker is taking away the victims rights by stealing the individual’s freedom, controlling the latter’s body. I think that those people are experiencing torture and that they must be living in a prison without walls and being deprived of their rights to freedom and to have a life of their own. Also, the trafficker is making profits while the women are being physically and sexually abused. The fact that AIDS are prevalent in Africa and in other poor countries clearly explains the consequence of human trafficking.

Slavery is another factor of human trafficking. It was established by British and French in the past and was later abolished. Nowadays, in our modern world, slavery still continues to exist but with virtual chains. Slavery is defined as forcing people to work in labor situations without their consent. From my point of view, this is also the case where humans are deprived of their right to gain freedom since they are being forced to do the job and they are not being given a proper salary. One of the proofs that slavery is still occurring today is in Northern China, where 28 people have been jailed because of their views and positions at the slave labor outrage at the brick factories and one of the person has been sentenced to death for killing one of the workers (BBC News). I think slavery happens in some countries due to large abundant land but less skilled workers who demands large sum of money and where technology is expensive. After recognizing that slavery is still being practiced silently in the world and that people are suffering, the state of Virginia (in February...

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