An Ideal society

Topics: Utopia, Religion, Faith Pages: 5 (1332 words) Published: February 15, 2015
Jaleesa Richardson
ENGL 1302-4515
Professor Rossum
February 15, 2015
An Ideal Society

We all strive to be perfect people and to live in a perfect world. However realistically no matter how hard we try to be perfect or make things around us perfect it is simply impossible to create a real Utopian lifestyle. Most of us have some type of vision on how we believe the world should be ran and the things we can do to have what some may call the ideal society. For centuries many countries, colonies and tribes have strived to make this possible but for some reason have been unsuccessful. Could this because they just did not have the correct formula to an ideal life? Or could they simply be lacking one more element to become the perfect world? No matter what the case may be there are mainly four principles that must exist in a society in order for it work. In order to create the Ideal society everyone must pull their own weight, there should be order, equality and some type of belief system. Equality is the key to a perfect society. We are all human beings and should be treated as such. There is no reason to try to discriminate or make someone do more or less work because of their race or gender. In order for everyone to get along we must eliminate anything that could separate one person from another. Meaning there would be no such thing as social class everyone would make the same amount of money and eat the same type of food. Everyone would be able to get the same type of education and have the same opportunities everyone would just be the same. In a utopian society they decided to get rid of all tailors or dressmakers and required everyone to instead wear the same sort of clothes. By doing this they stopped anyone from being envious of another person’s clothes. Instead it forced people to not concentrate on materialistic objects. Once you get rid of envy and jealousy in a society there would be no need for wars because there is simply nothing to fight for. Times have shown that in order to truly survive in our world there must be some type of order. The first step to creating this order is to figure out some type of basic rules that must be followed. Once this is done we would than need to set up a government to make sure that these rules are enforced. The best way to pick your government officials is to make sure that it is made up of the common man and that every group is represented. Which is unlike the Greek Empire who refused to let ordinary people serve on their government and instead only chose noble men. By doing this the Greek forced their people to retaliate because things were not set up equal. In order to be successful we cannot put one group of people over another just because they have more. The government must also maintain some type of system that allows for rewards and punishment. This way the people will understand that there are consequences to their actions and hopefully choose to take the right route. In order to keep order their must also be some type of understanding that we people cannot be treated as if they are in slavery but that they must understand that things work a certain way. In order for things to work in our society everyone must pull their own weight. No one can choose to do more or less than another person we must all contribute to our lands. In the bible it is stated that a man that does not work does not eat and this is something that we must stick to in our society. We cannot afford to help those that are lazy and refuse to contribute to the land. If a person is in good health than they must work. If they are in their right mind than they must work. Simply put if there is nothing physically or mentally wrong with a person than they must work. There will be no programs in place to help those who will not even help themselves. In Utopia they have a belief to not wear anyone completely out by making them work 24 hours a day. Instead they have a system at hand...

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