An Ideal husband

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An Ideal Husband
In the story An Ideal husband by Oscar Wilde, there many themes. Some of the themes that are represented by the movie are, rich versus poor. Another is theme is how the rich have much more influence over the poor. The third theme is how the powerful tends to make the life of the weak miserable. Lies often bring unnecessary problems whilst the truth does indeed make everything much simpler, another theme of the movie. However the most intriguing theme, in my personal opinion is the idea of what a husband is supposed to be like, in another word an ideal husband. The play’s title represents Lord Goring and Sir Robert Chiltern in a very delightful manner. The meaning though changes as the play goes on and on. At first one would think the meaning was being able to provide to one’s wife. Then as the scene continues it turns out that being an ideal husband has to do more with being honest and brave.1

At the beginning of the play we see Lord Goring in bed with a women and then she gets up to leave. In my thoughts she was his wife but it turns out that it was a women he had met over night, and that perhaps an ideal husband was one who could satisfy his lady in fashionable manner. Goring is awakened by Mason, the butler of the house, and helped to get ready for the meeting to happen that evening. As time drew closer he began to cloth himself. The first thing noticeable about him was his passion for how he dressed and how much he loved looking at himself. He mentions that the rose in his pocket are what makes him stand out from all the other people in the room and that he shall forever be chivalry. His father the first time introduced to the play asked Goring if he had found a wife yet. Goring did not seemed very fond of the idea of getting married, or maybe he was afraid of the responsibility he would have to carry.

Sir Robert Chiltern on the other hands did not start of well at the dinner party he happened to run into Mrs. Cheveley who proposes a demeaning act for him, the Argentine scheme. Cheveley having power over Chiltern due to the secrets she had discovered about him. The way that Sir Robert was able to become wealthy was due to him revealing a secret of the cabinet as a young secretary. He sold a secret to Arnheim that allowed him to invest into the Suez Canal before the government was able to announce it’s own purchase. Cheveley threatened to release the letter and it’s information about his doings to the public if he did not help her. She wanted him to support the canal scheme. After having told Chiltern’s wife, he then tells her husband to either reveal any secrets if he was holding any and to deny Cheveley of her offer. In order to be the ideal husband, Robert does not tell her of the past and agrees not to follow the scheme, when in fact he had no choice. After the emotional and mental ride of ups and downs after the dinner. The two lovebirds, Robert and Mansel make up as they declare they’re love to each other. However after doing so, Robert gets up to go tell Goring of what had happened. He also tells him of his dirty past, which seemed to have intrigued Goring very much. Robert says that Arnheim’s tutoring of wealth and how it is the one and only way to have power have stuck with him in some manners.2

Now Goring comes into play after having been told of Robert’s secret. He so desperately cares for Robert that he insists to help him in any form or shape he could.. Goring also tells Robert that he should have told lady Chiltern about his past a long time ago so things like this plot by Cheveley could have never occurred. Goring however tells Robert that a public confession would be no good because it would ruin his political career and that would not be so good of his livelihood. Goring also reveals his past secret of having been married to Cheveley at one point. He tells Robert that she is not a lady that is easily satisfied and she is a person who enjoys seeing others lives...
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