An Ideal Citizen

Topics: High school, United States, Kindergarten Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: December 16, 2008
What is an ideal citizen? What does it mean to be an ideal citizen? What separates the

ideal citizen from just a regular citizen? These questions tend to create a lot of debate. To some,

an ideal citizen might be viewed as someone who is well educated, well mannered, and a proud

American. While to others, an ideal citizen may be viewed entirely differently. To help shed

some light on the topic, we have comprised an ideal way of tackling these tough questions at

In order to define the ideal citizen we must first break down the characteristics and

attributes that one must attain to be the ideal citizen. We concluded that the characteristics can be classified into three major groups: economical, intellectual, and social, from there we

selected the most desired traits relating to the specific classifications.

Our group believes that it is up to the public school systems of America to produce the ideal

citizen. By the time one graduates from highschool they should attain at least some of these

characteristics. Although it is not realistic for everyone to be the “ideal citizen”, hopefully

by working together, we can still create the ideal America.

With our country continuously digging itself into an economical ditch of depression, it

only makes sense that we need to keep instilling into the youth of America how to be an

economical citizen. With so many outside distractions and influences kids have to deal with while

growing up today; public schools are having to work twice as hard to get through to

students. This is scary to thought for the future of the United States, which has been left in their hands.

Only through developing skills of organization, persistence, leadership, and discipline, will the

youth of America be able to step up and save us from this downward spiral. It is a large task but

not impossible; especially with the public school systems of America working around the clock,

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