An Extraordinary Touchdown

Topics: Evidence, Fiction, Satire Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Hispanic Lit per 4.
March 4, 2013
Fabiola Giron
“An Extraordinary Touchdow”
By Jorge Ulica.
A football game sometimes makes an extraordinary change in a fan’s life marks an issue. A fan way impose his position in a football game is kicked in the sacral, In “An Extraordinary Touchdown” by Jorge Ulica a philanthropist gives a ticket to a fan so he can see the game however at the, same time the narrator becomes another Ms. Hilache victim. The widow hates that the narrator for the opposing team like her husband and seeks revenge. The fan essentially Ulica with a passion a passion at the end of the tied game is kicked in the sacral. In this short story “An Extraordinary Touchdown” by Jorge Ulica, satire is used to prove American culture is hypocritical.

Moreover the characteristic of Ms. Hilache is extremely hypocritical. For instance, the lady is being hypocritical because she acts like a kind person until she finds out the narrator is for the opposing team. This passage shows irony because she finds out the narrator is for opposing team. This passage shows irony because when you need a philanthropist there is no one to help them then she suddenly appears. An example from the text is, “well them, come with me. I have two of the best tickets and we’ll watch the game together “ (P.131) . This evidence is proof of a hypocritical widow. On one hand she gives-but with another limb she kills.

Obviously the widow is pretending to feel distraught for her husband’s death; Irony Cally , she feels vengeful rather than san. This proves she feels accomplished in killing him. A specific example is, “well anyway, it was in the sacral that day my husband was kicked on the day of one of these games” (p.131) . This evidence in “An Extraordinary Touchdown” proves the widow is hypocritical because she is telling him like if it was very bat what her husband pas true. On the other hand the widow feels she is...
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