An Experiment of Adaptation Lab Report

Topics: Drosophila, Drosophila melanogaster, Hypothesis Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: November 2, 2008
An Experiment of Adaptation
Throughout history of time, organisms change in relation to their environment, consequently, adaptation is an essential property of life. This experiment is designed to test the adaptation of Drosophila melanogaster. This kind of insect is also called fruit flies, it has been widely used in scientific research because it has a short life cycle about two weeks and it is easy to keep large numbers of them (Manning). Two groups of this species will be used, flies with normal wings and flies with vestigial wings. This experiment is going to test the hypothesis that there will be more number of flies with normal wings at the food site than the number of vestigial wings. Materials’ List:

-A vial of flies with vestigial wings.
-A vial of flies with normal wings.
-A plastic box with holes on two sides and top.
-One vial.
-Three foam plugs.
-Well ripened Banana.
The container for which flies are going to be observed will take place in the box with five holes; four holes on two sides and one hole on the top. Tightly secure three of the four holes on the sides using the three foam plugs, and use one vial with tape to tightly secure the last hole on the sides, this will be the food site. Be use there are not any tiny spaces that the flies can use to escape. The hole on the top of the box will be used to transfer flies into the box. The control of this experiment will be trials with no presence of banana, thus banana will be used to attract the flies.

Carefully transfer the vial full of flies with vestigial wings into the box, then tightly secure the vial in the hole on top of the box, make sure that there are not any flies getting out. There should not be any banana at the food site. Give one minute for the vestigial flies to get use to the box environment. After one minute, count how many vestigial flies have entered the food site. Next, wait for two minutes, and then count how many...

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