An experience as a volunteer teacher

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An experience as a volunteer teacher
The weather of summers in Guangdong Province is always hot full of rain, which always make a person feel annoyed and unfriendly. This summer holiday, I went to a remote village at the top of a mountain, of innumerable mountains in Guizhou Province and spent seventeen days there as a volunteer teacher in a volunteer team. The seventeen-day time there was pretty fantastic. I could enjoy 24-hour cool breeze and warm sun light in that beautiful village. I could drink sweaty water and ate delicious food cooked by ourselves in that beautiful village. And most importantly, I could meet friendly villager and lovely, brave and hopeful children in that beautiful village. This is an important and unforgettable experience in my life. Every morning, some team members had to get up early to make breakfast for whole team and we had to light a fire by ourselves because there was no gas. Then teachers would have four lessons in the morning. We would teach Chinese, Math, English, music, art and physical education. At the noon, some children would go home and have lunch, while others would just stay at school. Those children might not have lunch but ate some snacks because their family were out to work and no one cooked for them. In the afternoon, we would have two lessons. After school, some team members would played with children, some would prepared for the dinner and others would go to all our students’ home and had a talk with their family. Things were not always smoothly going. At the first day we arrived at the school, we were not welcomed by some children and they threw things into the teaching building, runs here and there and shouted loudly. In some lessons at the beginning, some children were noise in the class and made the class uncontrollable. They fought. They ate snacks. They ran out of classroom. All these trouble brought great difficulties of our volunteer teaching. Before this experience, sometimes I would doubt whether our...
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