An Exegetical Paper on the Book of Galatian

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An Exegetical Paper On Galatians 5: 1-6

by Van Lal Hmangaih

In this exegetical study, the paper
focuses on Gal 5:1-6 with the HistoricalGrammatical method and it contains three sections. The first section
presents the historical context of the
Epistle which contains authorship,
recipients/addressees, occasion,
purpose, place and date of writing. The
second section follows with the literary
context which includes the genre,
themes and sub themes, the outline of
the book, and the immediate context of
the passages. The third section is the
literary study and it focuses on literary
forms, syntactical-grammatical analysis
and word studies which consist of
logic/argument or flow of thought. And
the paper is closed with implications. As
doing exegetical paper is a very critical
word, the strength to do this paper is
from above and the writer of this paper
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relies on the help of the Holy Spirit. To
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text and its application for today, the
important tools like dictionary,
concordance and other commentaries
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would be carefully consulted through
out the paper. New International Version is used for diagramming, charting and study. I. HISTORICAL CONTEXT


A. Authorship
The text itself claims that the author of this epistle is “Paul, an apostle-sent not from men nor by man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised him from the dead” (1:1; 5:2), and “all the brothers who were with” him (1:2). This fact is “confirmed by the literary form and style, argumentative methods, and theological content, as well as by the tradition, which never doubted it.”[1] But, from the late 19 th

and early 20 centuries some scholars denied Pauline authorship, yet their argumentations are insufficient. “Since in the original the postscript was handwritten by Paul (6:11), the remainder of the letter must have been written by an amanuensis,

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An Exegetical Paper On Galatians 5: 1-6

a fact which complicates authorship technically but not substantially.”[2] B. Recipients/Addressees
The recipients of Paul’s letter in the churches at Galatia were the fruits of Paul’s first missionary journey (cf. Acts 14). Since they were spiritually children of Paul “my dear children” (Gal 4:19), it is apparent that before they had a wonderful and strong relationship in the Lord but not now in this situation (Gal 4:12-16). That’s why when Paul heard about they were beginning to turn away from their faith and sound gospel into false teachers’ teaching on another gospel which is fake gospel. His concerned for them was so deep and painful. Therefore, he used strong words just like “ you foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? (Gal 3:1). If he had not had an intimate relationship with them before, he would not use such kind of rebuking or admonishing words as to children or brothers. Thus, Paul wanted them to turn back to him and the gospel of Christ. He wrote this epistle not only to one or two believers in Galatia rather to all the churches in Galatia (1:2). It is a letter for all members of Galatians’ churches.

C. Occasion
The Galatia churches were starting to turn away from the gospel of Christ which is justification by faith alone (Gal 2:16) into another gospel which is faith plus observing the Law of Moses particularly on circumcision (Gal 1:7; 2:3; cf II Cor 11:4). The false teachers said that faith in Christ alone is not enough, even if you believe in Christ you have to observe the Law of Moses in order to save (cf Acts 15:1. 14). That false teachings and teachers confused the churches in Galatia. Besides, those judaizers perhaps envied Paul...

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