An Exception for Lin Dan, Should or Shouldn't?

Topics: Lin Dan, Ranking, Lee Chong Wei Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: June 6, 2014
Today, I will write about my favorite sport, badminton. Lin Dan from China is my idol in this sport. He and Lee Chong Wei are both the living legends of the badminton world due to their incredible skills and virtuosity. Their matches are always thrilling and emotional. Although Lin Dan is an extremely skilled and legendary player, he is currently ranked 58th while Lee Chong Wei is currently ranked number one. This disparity in rank happened because after Lin Dan defeated Lee and gained the championship in the London 2012 Olympic, Lin rarely appeared in any Super Series tournaments. Although he never retired, that’s the reason why Lin Dan lost his status as the top ranked player in the men’s singles world ranking list. Perhaps he wanted to spend more time for his family. Recently, I have read a news article saying that Lin could be the surprise beneficiary of the wild card for the BWF Word Championships in Denmark this summer. In my mind, there are pros and cons for this news. Let’s start with the reason why Lin Dan shouldn’t be invited to the World Championships this summer. The reason not to invite Lin Dan would be that he didn’t even try to qualify. Here you have an amazing shuttler, who just practices and enjoys life at home while so many others are struggling to get the points to participate in the world’s biggest annual tournament. For some, it’s a dream come true to just be on that list of participants. Should Lin Dan be invited, it means missing the opportunity to grant that dream to one of these athletes. Even if the participation of that player who struggled and didn’t qualify doesn’t make a difference to anyone but himself, it’s still not really fair, on paper, to give this opportunity to someone who didn’t even try.

Now, let’s take a look at the other side…
Why should Lin Dan be invited? Because sports are not fair in general. It’s always the best who get the medals, and it’s the best who get the opportunity to play in the biggest events. That’s...
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