An Example of Using Key Performance Indicators for Software Development

Topics: Management, Project management, Decision making Pages: 3 (539 words) Published: November 21, 2010
An Example of Using Key Performance Indicators for Software Development Process Efficiency Evaluation.

Abstract - This paper gives an overview of possible Key
Performance Indicators (KPI) that can be used for
software process efficiency evaluation. The overview is
based on currently used KPIs in software development
projects on CPP platform. The most important KPIs are
analyzed, and their usage in the process efficiency
evaluation is discussed. The outcome of the measurement is
used to initiate further process adjustments and
improvements. In addition, there is possibility to perform
benchmarking between different development projects,
and based on collected data easier search for best practices in the projects that can be broadly implemented. Some
proposals and future directions in the area of process
measurement are given.
All successful software organizations implement
measurement as part of their day-to-day management
and technical activities. Measurement provides the
objective information they need to make informed
decisions that positively impact their business and
engineering performance. In successful software
organizations, measurement-derived information is
treated as an important resource and is made available to
decision makers throughout all levels of management.
The way measurement is actually implemented and
used in a software organization determines how much
value is realized in terms of business and engineering
performance. Measurement is most effective when
implemented in support of an organization’s business
and technical objectives and when integrated with the
existing technical and management activities that define
a software project. Measurement works best when it
provides objective information related to the risks and
problems that may impact a project’s defined objectives.
In other words, measurement works best when it is
considered a significant, integral part of project
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