An Evening of Music

Topics: Singing, Performance, Jazz Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 25, 2013
An evening of music
On November 27, 2012 a live performance has occurred in school at 8:00 pm, lots of brave talented students and major associates have the courage to perform live in from of the audience and show their magnificent talent of playing their instruments and singing. They were only a total of nine performers in stage: the first performer name Siray Rodgers and he sang an old classical musical in the early ‘90’s called “Can’t take My Eyes Off of You” by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio. The thing that wasn’t satisfying about Siray Rodgers is that every time he starts singing or just about to go for the chorus he sings very low and it was very hard to understand, but throughout the whole song it was very good. Second singer that performed was a Music Education Major name Ned Ebbs Jr., and he was a vocalist/pianist and right before he sang, he spoke to the audience and used humor to calm himself down and to ease the tension down in the audience because he dedicated to all the single ladies singing a song he wrote called “Give to Me.” The third one to approach on stage was a very talented student name Tracy Calalang; first, she talked about the plot of the whole song before she started. A quick description, she looked very nervous at first, she was breathing very heavily on stage and also sounded nervous as well. In the end she mange to overcome the nervousness and made a sound of tranquility from a famous song she sang called “Lying There” by Jonathan Larson. Next, performers were Gisselle Ruiz as the vocalist and Ozzy Maravilla as the guitarist and the song they played was called Malaguena and it’s a Spanish folk song. It’s amazing to sing a song that is very cultural, especially it’s from another language. This next piece really inspired me the most showing true passion and the old modern type of music, a major instructor name Ben Lowe sings a song called “O! Du Mein Holder Abendstern” by the famous composer Richard Wagner. This inspired me...
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