An Essay On The Science And Human Happiness Articles Eng

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An Essay on the Science and Human Happiness | Articles | Eng

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An Essay on the Science and Human Happiness

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We are living in a scientific age. Science has given us a number of inventions and discoveries. Science is trying its utmost to contribute to the happiness of man. It has extended the horizons of human knowledge. It has added immensely to man’s capacity for work. It has helped him in the field of medicine. It has enabled man to delve deep into the ocean and to fly high in the air. It has enabled man to send rockets to the other planets. It has contributed to human peace and progress. It has also provided man with destructive weapons.

Science has brought man nearer to man. It has abolished distance. Journeys which took months in the past are now performed in hours. Trains, buses and cars are all the inventions of science. The aeroplanes and spaceships are latest inventions. Baby moons travel at a speed of about 18,000 miles per hour. They go round the globe in an hour and a few minutes. Supersonic planes have come. They fly at a speed higher than 800 miles per hour. All these means of transport have made the travel easier. Now-a-days crossing the oceans, climbing the mountains, and traveling across the deserts involves no trouble. You have to get a seat in an aeroplane and the job is done. It takes practically no time. During a day time you reach any point on the globe with the help...
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