An Essay on Celebrities

Topics: Celebrity, People, Significant figures Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Opening Strategy: The urge and hunger to be accepted has been a part of human nature since birth. The celebrity will always be accepted in a judgmental world even if they are brought down at times because their super fans portray them as idols. Bridge: Celebrities are irresistible to the extent where people always want to be connected with them. The obsession with celebrities has developed rapidly leading them to have a significant impact on many individuals. They are perceived as being of high social status, which is intriguing to a materialistic world. Thesis Statement: Celebrity is especially important to contemporary society because ordinary people crave a luxurious lifestyle. Body Paragraph One:

Topic Sentence- Part of the luxurious lifestyle celebrities live amongst involves the ability to maintain their appearance, portray an image of looking perfect and consume the best accessories. Detail #1: Celebrities are able to maintain their appearance by purchasing new clothes. Society wishes to be on top of social hierarchy, which they believe is possible if they follow celebrities. People are so intrigued in the appearance of celebrities that they have become significant figures. Clothes are important to people because they are necessities. Many people want the glamorous life of having the latest fashion trends whenever they please. Celebrities start fashion trends that influence the way people dress and accessorize themselves. When celebrities start fashion trends that become successful it is evident that society wants what they attain. The Kardashians are examples of celebrities that have become a phenomenon and looked up to more now than ever since they developed their own fashion line. People yearn for the clothes celebrities have so they look up to the fashion lines celebrities create. A few examples of successful clothing lines celebrities created include, Rocawear by Jay Z and Sean John by P. Diddy. Detail #2: Celebrities look beautiful every time...
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