An Essay on Carl Linnaeus

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Carl Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus was born in Sweden in a town called Rosehuit. He entered a major university in Sweden called the university of Lund in 1727, where he started out his career by studying medicine but within a year of studying medicine, he decided to transfer to another university, the university of Uppsala and study botany (plant biology). Linnaeus later on received his medical degree from the University of Hardwijk in the Netherlands/Holland. Linnaeus is mainly known for being a naturalist and a botanist and helped in rising up the factors of entomology. He made up the binomial system on nomenclature which became the basis of all modern classifications of living organism (e.g. Homo sapiens). He was also known as the father of all biological systems. Linnaeus began to lecture other students into his own works and queries and knowledge around May to July. So he became a university teacher and after some years, he had 23 of his own students become professors. IN 1695 Linnaeus travelled to Lapland where he made some very remarkable, spectacular botanical and zoological achievements, observations and drawings. Unfortunately most of this perished in the fire of 1702 which spread across Uppsala and destroyed nearly ¾ of all buildings. Meanwhile, Linnaeus began to extend his idea of classifying plants by making a classification that was based on the number of stamens and stigmas. One of the many books that Linnaeus published was books such as “Genera plantarum”, “Flora Lapponica” and “Critica botanica”. This great man sadly died at the age of 70 on the 10th of January 1778; buried no as a scientist, but in a cathedral near Uppsala on the 22nd January.
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