An Enemy of the People Essay 2

Pages: 2 (901 words) Published: August 1, 2009
An Enemy of the People

Everyone differs in terms of their personal opinions. One may agree to what others will say, but one or more might disagree. It is really not a matter of who you think is right or wrong. It is a matter of thinking how well you understand the issues and how you will deal with it. In the case of Dr. Thomas Stockman and Mayor Peter Stockman, they have differences and unsettled issues. They always argue and think of who is more superior. It really made me think that are they really brothers? With regards to Dr. Thomas Stockman, he is idealist and excitable. He pursues to see new discoveries that would give him credit and fame. He is more concerned with the health of the community and it makes me salute him. He is persevere and does not stop until the issue of the baths is resolved and justice to the people is served. However, it is more important to him that he gives out information without analyzing the probable consequence and implications. I’m not really sure if he is being insensitive or he is just concerned. On the other hand, honorable Peter Stockman is more concerned of the money the baths produces and the opinions of his constituents. It is impossible for him to not notice the filth produced by the baths. He is a politician and most of them conceive the truth. Not because the truth hurts, but because the truth may ruin the most important thing in one’s life. I also think that he is cautious because he does not want any of these issues to be out in the public maybe because he wants to protect someone or something or maybe doesn’t want to alarm the public. Alarming the public may mean that questions may be raised and those questions may spill out the secrets of the government of the town. Nonetheless, after everything said and done, Peter is still a brother to Thomas because he suggests that he leave the town for months to clear his minds. It is not easy for someone to stand up and say the truth. It is not easy to manipulate the minds...
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