An Encounter with a Bully

Topics: English-language films, Hand, Mind Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: September 27, 2009
Dreadful Examination Results Tempts Dad To Take Drastic Measures

Mid term results day approached in a flash. Right before my eyes came Thursday. I was already thinking of excuses to escape a flogging, for I knew that nothing good was heading my way.
The knife cutting tension grew by the minute and nervousness engulfed everyone’s face. Even tears seemed to be struggling out of some children’s eyes. In a matter of time, we would be receiving our examination results. Every year, the atmosphere was like this, serene. Only the soft chirping of birds and the gentle rustling of the trees could be heard.

“Good morning students,” said Miss Brown cheerfully as she unexpectedly appeared at the door. This gave me a jump. I shot a startled look at the stack of papers clutched in her hand. The results were in already!

I felt the air go thin as my heart beat furiously on my chest. I hadn’t prepared for the exam at all and couldn’t bare the thought of my dad’s reaction to my failure. I had let him down again. “These are your results.” said miss, pointing at the papers in her hand. The distribution had just begun and horror stricken faces already started to fill the room already. Soon, she was in front of me and handed over my paper. Astonishment drowned my face at the sight of an enormous “A” written on my results sheet. My eyes were transfixed on the parchment as if it were a diamond ring. A fountain of ecstasy welled up inside of me reviving my poor, pessimistic soul. As I sprang my arms up into the air commencing my celebrations, I felt the paper slip out of my hands. I turned around, only to find Miss Brown in a deep trance of laughter with my paper. “Boy, what are you celebrating for?” she inquired while still giggling. “Here are your results.” She laid a paper on my desk inscribed with a large “F”. A cold rush of air froze my body. I couldn’t believe what my eyes had seen! I blinked, and then scrutinized the paper vigilantly but I saw the same...
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