An Emergency

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It was a beautiful spring morning in Los Angeles. I awoke from an ambulance passing by and I realized I was late for work. When I was on my way to work, I saw more and more ambulances come hurdling passed me, wondering what is going on. When I got to my job as a female security guard for The Los Angeles County Prison there was no one new brought in. As I was waiting for new people to join our jail I was looking at the news with my feet propped on the desk, eating a salad and there is some type of terror in the area. I said to myself “What the FUCK is going on in this world!”

Later that day I got off of work and went to see my mother in the hospital I said “Hi mom how are you feeling today.” She said in a dreadful voice “The cancer is still spreading my dear the only thing keeping me alive is the machines and you,” “I’m glad you came today because today is my last.” said my mother “WHAT mother NO!!!” I yelped.”

“Bye my butter blossom” she said as she pulled the plug. As the doctors rushed in, I fell to my knee crying in sorrow, I knew I wouldn’t see her tomorrow. As both of my parents dead I didn’t know what to do.

That Wednesday, I went to her funeral. They cremated her and I took her ashes and put them next to my step-father’s ashes on the shelf, but he was more of a father then my biological father. He left me at 6 months old with just my mom. If I; saw him ever again I would strangle him to death, “ahhhhh just another death in the family.”

When I was home there was a big storm that night, it was a Severe Thunder Storm but I’ve been in worst before. I just tried to live out the night with hail pounding on the roof and sonic thunder claps every second huh just another day.

That morning it was 90˚ degrees outside, and I knew I would have a good day so I went to the super market to get some organic food because that’s all I eat that junk food or preservatives crap. As I was in the store this kid approached me. ” Miss, I can’t find my mom. “The boy...
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