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An Embarrassing Moment of My Life

By Marianna5 Aug 11, 2013 306 Words
The small embarrassing moments in
life that make us laugh and cry. I have
done countless embarrassing things in
my life and when I look back I laugh
about it, because most of them are
extremely foolish acts by me that back
fired on me.
Every break in school, my friends and I
walked through that same corridor,
where the science labs were, that lead
to the field. That day, however, was
different. It still plays in my memory
like a video.
My friends and I were joking and
laughing around. As a ‘joke’, my friend
shoved me. Never di d I think that such
a little force would put me on the spot.
Due to all the bags that were scattered
on the floor, I stumbled on a few and
tumbled on to someone.
I was extremely ashamed to look at
who it was. But I remember seeing
some seniors standing there. My so
called friends were having a giggle
while trying to help me up.
I will never forget how mortified I was.
Later on finding out that out all the
people I dived on to the head boy made
my situation hundred times worst.
From that day on I couldn’t look at him
straight in the face.
Later on my friends mimicked me
throughout the entire break, which
made me trip over again. This time,
however, it was just flat surface.
According to my friends it was only
possible for me to topple over nothing.
The event that took place are still
discussed when I speak with my
friends. We all have laugh about this
situation. How such a stupid act was
only possible by me. At that moment it
was extremely embarrassing for me
but now we have a laugh about it.
These small moments in our life
makes it interesting.

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