An Automated Attendance Monitoring and Registration

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An Automated Attendance Monitoring and Registration
System for EMU’s SPIKE Seminar Series
Mehmet Kizildag, Erden Basar, Murude Celikag, Emine Atasoylu and Sayedali Mousavi {mehmet.kizildag; erden.basar; murude.celikag; emine.atasoylu;} Eastern Mediterranean University

Gazimagusa, K.K.T.C. Mersin 10 – Turkey
The paper presents a software design
and implementation for taking student
attendance of crowded seminars or
exhibition halls. The software system is
based on inserting, deleting, updating
and querying of a database
management system. Emphasis is
mainly on a real time application,
namely tracking and counting of
students in a crowded seminar rooms
within a short time. The system was
experimented with the university
students attending numerous SPIKE
seminars at EMU and the results are
also presented in this paper.
Furthermore, improvement of the
system with new technological tools is
1. Introduction
Attendance of students into classrooms
or seminar rooms is important and can
be considered as the starting point
towards attaining a good education. This
process therefore requires attention of
the instructor. Among the classical
methods of taking attendance are reading
out the student names and check if they
are present in the class or signing a paper
by the students present in the classroom.
The pros and cons of the classical
method is the useful interaction between
students and the instructor through
which the instructor can get to know the
students in a small class and on the other
hand, loss of time spent while taking the
attendance of a crowded class.
Technological improvements can be
useful tools to help in the development
of new methods to eliminate the
disadvantages of the classical methods
while enhancing its advantages. It is
important to identify the correct tools to
use in commercial and scientific studies.
Barcode readers [1], Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) system [2],
Bluetooth [3] are just a few of the
examples to such tools. However, they
were expensive when first introduced
and therefore they had limited use.
Nowadays, they become cheaper and
they can be used in a variety of
applications, such as, identification,
counting, tracking [4] or positioning [5].
Barcodes and their readers are heavily
used in markets to identify the objects on
sale. For instance, in shopping centers,
people load their shopping baskets with
the products which are labeled with the
barcode and then the cashier uses the
barcode reader to identify the products
and therefore the prices so that the total
price can easily be obtained for the
customer. The use of new technologies
could save precious time of the customer
and the shop staff.
Socio-Cultural, Professional, and
Industrial Knowledge and Experience
(SPIKE) [6] seminar courses are
introduced at Eastern Mediterranean
University (EMU) to provide the
students with social, cultural,
professional, industrial knowledge and
experience. SPIKE seminars include the
organization of a series of seminars,
exhibitions, presentations and some
concerts. The SPIKE seminar courses
were introduced into the curriculums in
Fall Semester, 2004-05 Academic Year,
at EMU. The seminars are organized by
the Department of General Education
with the help of all the departments at
EMU. Throughout each semester,
speakers are invited from the industry
and academy to deliver their speeches to
students and exhibitions that could
contribute to the aims of SPIKE are also
included in the program for the viewing
of students. In order to encourage
students to learn to attend such seminars,
SPIKE courses with zero credit are
introduced in the first six semesters of
four year undergraduate programs and
the first two semesters of two year
programs. Students are expected to
attend a total of four SPIKE events
through each semester, two of which are
offered by their own...

References: Electronics, Control, and
Instrumentation, 1996., Proceedings of
646,5-10 Aug. 1996 .
Telecommunications, 2003. ICT 2003.
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