An autobiography

Topics: English-language films, Uttar Pradesh, Life Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: January 23, 2014

Laugh, live, Smile.. today.. for who knows there may or may not be a tomorrow 

Around some eighteen years ago, a miracle happened and a guy was born, yes u guessed it right, that guy was me. I was born in a town called Kanpur. Kanpur is my maternal place. I have lived most the summer vacations during my childhood over there. Since my father has a transferable job, I got to live in various cities, explore different culture and make tons of friends. I started my schooling from a school called National Convent School, Mirzapur.I did my LKG and UKG over there.Then I along with my mom, shifted to my Aunt’s place in Haridwar. She used to treat me like her own son. She was the one who recognized the hidden talent of singing in me. She sent me for the formal training in vocal music to a music teacher whom I consider my guru. I have always been a lazy lad, to overcome my laziness, she then sent me to the Taekwondo sessions in the evening. She is a lady of values & virtues. Discipline is in her blood. I have learned a lot from her. As she was an extensive traveler, I got to travel & explore the hilly regions of Uttarakhand. After the two amazing years in Haridwar,I along with my mom shifted to Kanpur and we started living with my grandparents. I took admission in DPS Kanpur and my mother was a teacher in another school. An year passed and I got promoted in fifth standard. Now here comes an interesting phase of my life.It was during the starting of the new session,I still remember the sequence.I was sitting forward in the extreme left row and then came a girl whom I had never seen,she came inside the class and went towards my parallel row and sat at the back bench.Now she bacame the first crush of my life,officially! Her name was Samya.”When she was around,I could just feel myself blush, the adrenaline in my blood was such a rush”! As time passed,our relationship changed from just friends into best friends. Even though, I was the most notorious element of the class,...
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