An assignment on liberation war

Topics: Bangladesh, Bangladesh Liberation War, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Pages: 13 (3336 words) Published: April 25, 2015
An assignment on
The Liberation War of Bangladesh
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Bangladesh a newly born independent nation state. This state is an outcome of great struggle from India in 1947 and from Pakistan in 1971. The birth of Bangladesh in 1971 is not only a historical event of this region, but an outburst of the long-term socio-political and economic struggle of Bengali nation. The event of 1971 through which Bengalis can come forward with a nation-state, which is in fact, an event in which Bengalis could reach in its utmost level of success of its thousand-year-long existence for an identity as nation-state in the global arena. In this paper, we will explain the theoretical avenues of the birth of Bangladesh through a nine-month long great liberation war. Beside this, this paper would put its effort to draw an answer about two questions- what are the root causes and actors behind the liberation war of Bangladesh which took place in 1971 from March to December and what are the significances, importance and outcome of the liberation war in the life of Bangladesh.The first part of this paper will discuss about the root causes of the great liberation war, 1971 with the political and economic causes of liberation war.. A brief discussion, as a compendium, will also be placed about the liberation war. In the last part of this paper, the importance, significance and outcome of the liberation war will be discussed briefly. At the end, It will also analyze this historical event with a theory of conflict described by a famous scholar To develop this paper, we have noticed a remarkable challenge for novice researchers and observers that, about liberation war, there is a plenty of literatures. These literatures created an overflow of information which described the liberation war as historical event. Only a very few number of literatures dealt with the socio-political aspects of the event. There also were difficulties to choose the correct information as the history of the liberation war has been putrefied many times by different political parties during different regimes. From these plenty of literatures, to find out the cream of analysis is challenging as well as time consuming.

The liberation of Bangladesh, 1971 is such an important event in the realm of history through which, the world got its last large populated country, the United Nations got its 133rd member state and the region, South Asia got another actor. By the liberation war in 1971, freedom loving people were at last free from the domination of Pakistan and there ended the long struggle for freedom of Bangladeshi’s. People of Bangladesh got an independent identity through the liberation war. In the cycle of Bangladesh and Bengali nation, the liberation war, 1971 is has a great importance. There are so many actors and factors behind this liberation war. This paper would explore the causes and describe the importance of liberation war in the life of Bangladesh. Conflict Profile of Bangladesh:

The liberation war is not the only event by which Bangladesh gained independence, there are other historical events in the background. These events are as important and significant as the liberation war. These events are described below- 1948 March 21: The founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah declared in a civic reception in Dhaka that “Urdu and only Urdu will remain as the state language of Pakistan”. The students of Dhaka University instantly protested this declaration in front of Jinnah. 1952 February 21: Language Movement – International Mother Language Day. Pakistan government forcibly tried to stop the demand of the Bengali people to...
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