An Argument for Mereological Nihilism: Quantum Particles Do Not Connect to Create Composite Objects

Topics: Ontology, Metaphysics, Space Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: April 28, 2009
Jacob Pierce
Phil 330-001
Dr. Gregory Littman
An Argument for Mereological Nihilism
According to mereological nihilism, quantum particles do not accumulate or connect in order to give rise to composite objects. For that reason, then there are no empirical objects whatsoever. Only quantum basic building blocks exist, and thus the world humans ordinarily experience in their daily life that is full of objects with parts is a product of human misperception. Mereological nihilism is the view that all concrete objects are simple. By the term simple, I contend that none are mereologically composite and none have proper parts. Nihilism is a radical view that entails that there are no tables and chairs, no persons and families, no planets and galaxies. The only actual concrete objects are elementary particles. When there is an “object” such as what we call a table, the nihilist will argue that there are only particles arranged in a table fashion. The necessary parts of an object consisted of identities that in totality could be distinguished from another whole with different parts. For example, it is said that the reason we were able to perceive the difference between a fork and a spoon was because each existent consisted of necessarily different parts of identity to configure the overall identity to its whole as one other than all the others. Nevertheless, it was also said that there were parts of each whole (like the fork and spoon) which were identical and belonged to different wholes, such as the part of similar atoms in a fork and spoon. Yet, this brings about a significant question among on the nature of difference and identity of identical parts. To begin the question, the case was recognized that by the virtue of the law of identity, one thing was that in itself and cannot be other than itself, for if and only if it were other than itself, then it would have been referred to other than itself. This brings me to question...
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