An Application to Action Research Steps

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A Simple Application to Action Research Steps

Most teachers practice teaching to provide the best possible education for students. So is action research, it comes from the classroom issues and ends at its application inside the classroom to develop the process of learning and teaching.

( The first step of to Action Research is: Finding a Focus:
As for myself, I used the “reflective journal” for 2 weeks, in which I answered the main question, “What happened in class today that was particularly interesting, exciting, frustrating, or fun?” I was writing down freely without putting a certain pattern in mind. After the passage of 2 weeks, I reread the journal and I found out that I’ve 2 patterns which I repeated in my journal:

1. For 3 times, I wrote about the ADHD students, their preference in answering orally and in writing, their test-taking experience and how they couldn’t answer some of the test questions due to their attention deficit, my colleagues’ realization of those students’ behavioural nature, the learning strategies they follow with them and my colleagues’ impressions about those students. The thing that I didn’t enjoy was: they were so much annoyed with those students.

2. For 2 times, I wrote about the importance of listening skills, what I did with my students to encourage and develop these skills. While my colleagues neglected these skills. So, the students became unwilling to listen. The thing that made me think; how to develop such forgotten skills among those students.

Next, I asked myself, “Do I wish to conduct action research on any of these trends?” The answer was, “Yes, I would like to investigate more about ADHD learning strategies.”

Consequently, I made “face-to-face interviews” with the school psychologist and social worker. The interviews started with flipping a coin to see who will go first; each one individually; they talked for 20 minutes, I asked general questions about the psychological, social and educational characteristics of those students. I took notes, recorded the interviews. Then, we changed roles and I talked about what I observed in classroom for 20 minutes. After finishing the interviews, I asked myself, “Was the ADHDs issue I discussed truly worth investing my time research?” The answer was still, “Yes.” So, I moved into the second phase of my research.

( The second step: Clarifying Theory ( The Rational ):
I made 2 steps in this phase:
( In an answer to the question, “What are the most significant factors or variables that will need to be addressed if I am to be successful helping students address this issue?” I wrote a list of responses as follows:

|( | |20% | | |The lack of knowledge of the characteristics of ADHDs and consequently differentiation between them and ADDs. | | | | |30% | |( |The unspecified teaching strategies to be used with ADHDs. | | |( | |5% | | |Teachers’ over loaded schedules don’t allow them to take care of ADHD students. | | | | |10% | |( |ADHD students are considered problems in their classes. | | |( |...
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