an apple is better than an orange

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An apple is better than an orange.

Do you know that fruits are the best friends of a healthy body? An apple and an orange can help a person to have a healthy lifestyle. Apples and oranges are two delicious fruits. These fruits look the same, but the truth is that they are different. A person can analyze three main aspects to understand why an apple is better than an orange: health benefits, flavor, and color. These three aspects convert an apple in the best choice for a person.

A person´s health is very important that´s why a person should consume an apple daily. An apple ingestion benefits are many. An apple is rich in vitamin C. Also an apple contains an element that prevents aging. Eat daily an apple prevents sclerosis. An orange instead only provides a high level of vitamin C but it is not as complete as an apple.

The taste of an orange and an apple are completely different. An apple has a sweet taste. While proving an orange can be a sour experience. The apple flavor is lovely, makes that a person wants more than one apple. Maybe a person doesn´t like an orange´s flavor because it is citric. It´s flavor can be distasteful for many people. But an apple´s flavor can be mystical and pleasant for a person.

An apple is more colorful than an orange. An apple can be red, green or yellow but these three colors are beautiful. The red color of an apple makes a person can think in love or passion. Also a red apple is a symbol of temptation. While a yellow or green orange is totally common. Green or yellow orange does not attract people's attention. A beautiful color can attract the attention of anyone.

In conclusion an apple and an orange can look the same. Of course both are delicious fruits but these are very different. The healthy benefits that an apple has, an orange has not . an unique apple´s flavor, orange never can has. Finally the color that falls in love just the apples has. For these three reasons is that...
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