An Analysis of a Management Control Problem

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A report of an analysis of a management control problem due to the relocation of the main gymnasium and IT equipment to a new facility within ........

Author: PIB7968083

Addressee:P Mells

Date: 19.06.2014

Executive Summary

Due to the increase in numbers of new recruits joining the ....... and an increase in the numbers of the Ship’s Company, relocation to a new gymnasium and office is required, which I have been tasked to organise. This needs to be achieved and completed mainly over a weekend, Friday to Monday, to limit interruptions to Initial Naval Training.

The report analyses the problems and issues that may arise with the gymnasium being relocated to it’s new venue and will use the control loop to highlight potential issues and a Gantt chart to schedule the works and to check on the progress.



2.Analysis – the control loop3
2.1Stage 13
2.2 Stage 23
2.3 Stage 34
2.4 Stage 45
3.Conclusion to the analysis5
4.Recommendations, Advantages, Disadvantages and Limitations 5-6 5.References6


I work for the ............ who at present has around 25,000 employees and I serve in the ..............., which is responsible for keeping the .......... fit to fight and also for delivering physical education, adventure training and organising sporting events.

I work at ........, the initial new recruits training establishment, where the main aim is the delivery of physical training to recruits to improve their fitness levels. I am at present the office manager and responsible for 15 members of staff with regards to their personal development and training, career course allocation, work and class taking allocation, annual leave control and helping them to achieve their future career objectives and aspirations. According to Mintzberg Roles cited in (Managing and Managing People, 2011, p. 19), I’m a Leader, Disseminator and a Resource Allocator.

A new gymnasium has been built to deal with the increased rise in numbers now using the facilities. The old gymnasium lacked the infrastructure to accommodate the increase in numbers and is surplus to requirement. All the gym equipment, office equipment and staff members need to be relocated. This relocation will involve multiple stakeholders such as staff members and contractors and will require many tasks to be completed in a set time. A use of planning tools will be required which will include the Management Control Loop and a Gantt Chart.

The problem can be defined as a known problem with a known solution as a decision needs to be made on the best possible solution of the relocation of equipment.

Fig 1Known ProblemUnknown Problem
SolutionRelocation of gym equipment and staff to the new building.

Requires decision making of the best possible solutions and deciding on the best options to complete the task. Problem solving may be required.

Figure 1. Problem Solving Matrix Peckham 1996 (cited in BX628 Managing and Managing People, 2011, p. 79).

Revise objectivesFig 2

Adjust Task

Do Nothing
Plan Identify

Figure 2. The Management Control Loop (BX628 Managing and Managing People, 2011, p. 103-106). 2. Analysis – The Management Control Loop

I have been tasked with organising the relocation of the gym and IT equipment to the new facilities, which needs to be completed within a 4-day period to minimize the effect on training. A work plan has been put in place to achieve this and will be analysed by using the Management Control Loop (BX628 Managing and Managing People, 2011, p. 103-106).

2.1 Stage 1 – Set Objectives

This can be achieved by implementing SMART objectives which are Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Timed (BX628 Managing and...

References: The Open University (2012) B628/BZX628. Managing 1: Organisations and people, Module Activities, Milton Keynes, The Open University.
The Open University (2012) B628/BZX628 ‘Communicating and Managing Communication’, Managing 1: Organisations and people [online]
Available at
(Accessed 22 Jun 2014)
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